Thursday, March 12, 2009

Downward Spiral

I guess I jinxed Mom by saying how well she was doing yesterday. This morning I received a call from Mom's nurse saying Mom had spiked a fever again and wasn't doing well. She's receiving the most potent antibiotics that she can get by IV and they just don't seem to be working. Lab tests show negative for c.diff, urinary tract infections and infections in the central IV line. Chest x-rays shows fluid in the lower lobs of the lungs but her lungs sound fairly clear. The CT of her abdomen didn't show anything obvious so the doctors are stumped. There is talk of more tests and more labs but Mom is so tired and so worn down that I don't know how much more she can handle. I've told the doctor that there won't be anymore surgery and he agrees that she isn't strong enough at this point and he's willing to make her comfortable and leave her alone if she doesn't improve soon. And I think that's where we'll leave it.

Today was a family day; one of Mom's sisters stopped by with her husband and Denny came to the hospital when I couldn't hold it together during a phone call. Later my sister and brother stopped by along with my brother's girlfriend. I think Mom appreciated it, but she was in and out of consciousness all day and very obviously in discomfort if not distress.

The bad days are beginning to outnumber the good.

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Anonymous said...

This is often the way it goes.. a good day.. followed by two bad. But hang in there Linda. I agree that comfort should be a main concern.

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