Monday, February 27, 2006

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Since Denny is talking about washing the rig today (it's supposed to sprinkle tomorrow so we're trying to insure that) we won't be going out and about. Therefore today's post will be a road trip from the past.

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum was created in the 1920s by William Boyce Thompson, a mining engineer and very successful Wall Street investor. He originally built a home, Picket Post, near Superior because he enjoyed the area, but soon decided to create the arboretum to study desert plant life and educate the public.

Located on Highway 60 at mile marker 223 near Superior, Arizona, the Arboretum sits on over 100 acres of land that's available to the public, although the total land area including Federal property is over 1,000 acres. There are more than 3000 different types of plants here, both on the grounds and in special greenhouses. As you enter the Visitor Center you will find cacti and varieties of desert plants available for purchase as well as other items available at the gift shop.

There are two miles of walking trails within the complex with plaques explaining the various areas of the park along the route. At various times they offer guided tours, but just wandering the grounds and greenhouses on our own was an education. I imagine springtime would be the best time to visit when the cactus is blooming, although we were there in December and enjoyed exploring the area in the cooler temperatures. There are picnic tables and grills available near the Visitor Center for you to enjoy a quiet lunch.

The cost to enter the Arboretum is $7.50 for an adult. We enjoyed our morning there and hope to return in the spring sometime to see the cacti in bloom.


Nancy said...

OH! I want to go there!

I love looking at plants.

Norman said...

You guys get to go to the neatest places. I just get to travel vicariously through you!

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