Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Me and my shadow

Monday we moved to our current location and had our typical-since-January fight to set up our DirecWay dish for Internet access. Apparently DW is still messing around with satellite 95 and they are making it well nigh impossible to get online. We finally gave up and drove to Chandler to drop the erratically performing laptop at CompUSA for repair just to lower our aggravation levels. Our installer called during the trip and gave us a suggestion on how to trick the system which we applied upon our return and voila' we were online. Whew.

Denny and I have become spoiled by having two computers so that we both can work online at the same time. Like many first-born children, we're not used to sharing after all this time-heh. So my web page building will be placed on hold for a while and I'll take advantage of some of the many classes and meetings scheduled here at the campground to replace my computer addiction.

Yesterday Denny and I took our walk at dusk to enjoy the sunset and the cooler temperatures. We noticed a couple stopped in the middle of the roadway (in the campground) watching something and we stopped to see what it was. A gorgeous male peacock was strutting around on someone's camp site which was located by a tall tree. The couple told us that the campground staff had offered them the site and told them that about a dozen peacocks roosted in the tree every night and sure enough, if you looked closely you could see their dark shapes in the deepening gloom. So my next project will be to see if they start to roost while it is still light enough to get a picture to show them in the tree. Since the tree has thick, fern-y branches I don't know if that's going to be possible, but it certainly would be a neat picture.

Gah! It's 6:30 and I hear Denny showering; the man is starting to seriously cut into my morning alone-with-the-computer time. This has got to stop!

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