Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ruminating while back in the saddle again

I thought I'd be the only person crazy enough to be at the pool this morning for water aerobics in the 40 degree temperatures, but my buddies from Yuma were there before me. It's always fun to run into familiar faces, which occurs more often now that we're into our second year at our private member campgrounds and we have gotten into the cycle of hitting the southern Arizona and California campgrounds during January, February and March. Come April, the Canadians head home as they have to get back before their six months out of the country time limit expires on their national health insurance and the folks from the northern mid-western states return to their farms to prepare for planting and the rest of us scatter across the country once again. Some folks return to their "grounded" homes, some spend months in the driveways or side yards of family, others (like us) simply roam. There's not just one way of fulltiming or one definition of the lifestyle as it's whatever works for you and is comfortable for you. There are those fulltimers who have to work because they need the money to be able to maintain this lifestyle, those who work because they don't know how not to, and those who simply enjoy the pleasures of the day (guess which group we're in?)

We'll be spending two weeks here. We've hit the highlights of sightseeing in the area which are the town museum and Parker Dam, so I'll drag Denny out geocaching one day and see what else we can find to explore. There is a CRIT museum (Colorado River Indian Tribes) a few miles out of town so that might be an option, too. I just can't allow Denny too much lazing around as he'll get used to it and start liking it too much. Heh.

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