Thursday, February 02, 2006

We follow the hordes

For several years we've listened to folks brag about going into Mexico for their prescription medications, eye exams and glasses, dental and doctor care but never considered it for ourselves. But this year while at water aerobics one of the ladies wore her new glasses and when she told me what she paid for them, I figured it was time to go to Los Algodones and check out the prices.

Before we headed down there, we stopped at Wally World and checked the cost of an eye exam, frames, progressive lens and the Transitions lens option. Ball park figure roughly $400. Our very basic eye care insurance coverage would pay for about $100 of that. So down to Mexico we went, where I received a very thorough eye exam and a pair of glasses with progressive SunSensor lens for a total cost of $189. Now I understand why folks come to Algodones for their eye wear! Denny had a lost filling replaced at one of the many dentists down there for $27.

While I don't think I'd buy prescription medicines there due to lack of quality control, my vision with the new glasses is better than with the ones I had purchased six months ago in Washington and Denny's new porcelain filling is nicely done. Returning to Los Algondones in the future is definitely an option. And they have super fish tacos.

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