Friday, February 24, 2006

Rubbing elbows with an Olympian

Yesterday our water aerobics group had a pleasant surprise; Juno rejoined our group.

Two years ago while here in Earp, CA I brought my boombox and water aerobics tape to the pool as I had just started doing the exercises a month before and I wanted to get into a routine of doing them. That first day a couple of ladies walked by the pool and asked if they could join me the next day, which was great. By the end of the week, Bobbie, Naida, Pat and Juno were my regular partners while other ladies dropped in and out. After two weeks we all went our separate ways, but since we all belong to the same private member camping organization it's only a matter of time until we meet again.

Juno doesn't talk about her Olympic experiences; I actually learned her history from Pat who had a site next to Juno at the campground and had talked with her. But it's kind of neat knowing a real Olympian and it's always good to meet up with friends.

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