Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Arizona City Golf Course

The Arizona City Golf Course is hidden within a plat of homes in the middle of the city. In the winter it sees a lot of use since there are only two public golf courses in the general area. The rangers try to keep play moving (yes, one told us to speed it up a bit on one hole) so you're able to play 18 holes in a 4 hour time bracket, unlike many courses in Florida. The course itself is in fairly good condition for the amount of play it receives, although there was one green that was pretty burned out. The watering system seems to be a bit erratic in places as some areas were soggy while others were bone-dry. The greens are also pretty fast which makes them a little more challenging than their layout would seem.

This time of year if you are a couple you will probably be paired up with another couple to speed up play. We were paired with a lovely couple, Syl and Sandy, who now live in Reno, NV but travel south by RV during the winter. They had actually driven close to 68 miles from Gila Bend simply to play this course. We're glad they did, for we feel we made some new RVing friends yesterday.

Hit the Duffer's Lounge for a couple of beers and some iced tea and you have a tab for just over $4 and they'll throw in a basket of salsa and tortilla chips. That's a deal you can't refuse!

Prices for golf can vary; yesterday the course was offering a special of green fees, a cart and a sandwich for $24.50 per person. Denny and I used our Golf Card discount and paid $37.31 for the two of us for green fees and a cart, no sandwich. Such a deal!

The ninth hole at the Arizona City Golf Course. There's not a lot of water on this course so this area has a lot of coots and mallards wandering the tee box.

I was trying to show that there are more than tans and browns in the desert as this duplex was a lovely dark shade of lavender but the harsh sun bleached the color right out of the photograph.
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Coll said...

The golf course looks lovely. Now that you mention it.. I can see a bit of the lavender shade in the duplex.

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