Thursday, February 08, 2007

New stuff tomorrow

The local Native American tribes benefited by our presence at the Apache Gold casino today. The casino was nice enough to send a bus to our campground so that we could toss money into the local economy, which a great number of us managed to do. There wasn't a lot of bragging about winnings, so I think most of us returned with our pockets much emptier.

The trip up to Globe does take you through some beautiful desert areas and canyons so the 2 hour drive goes quickly (it would be much faster by car). I didn't want to take a chance losing our camera so I didn't get any shots of the scenery, but there are some very striking rock formations out there.

We're moving on tomorrow, there's a new hide-a-bed awaiting us in Mesa as well as a new slide topper for the bedroom since the one we have now is peeling away in layers. We're hoping they'll let us unhitch so we can leave the cat in the car, otherwise we have a problem. The thinks you don't consider when you decide to bring a pet into your lifestyle.

Safe travels.

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Coll said...

Would you believe I have never driven through a desert. I have heard they can be beautiful.

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