Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday Pets

Last night was our annual Arizona Opry get-together with our friends Barb and Rene. This year there's a new pet in the household, young Miss Noel, who spent quite of bit of her time entertaining us.

The Opry was a lot of fun, as always. The house was packed and it appeared that everyone there had a good time. You get a lot of entertainment for your money. We consider it a must-see if you're in the Apache Junction, Arizona area.

We met Noel for the first time yesterday. Noel belongs to Barb and Rene or perhaps vice versa. For this picture, Noel decided to make a squinty face for me.

Noel loves to play fetch with stuffed animals.

Noel is a Maltese/Shih tzu mixture, which makes her a Maltzu or a Shihtese. I think.

Patches is preparing to protect her turf...

against the big, bad doggie.

This is how Denny walks the cat.

1 comment:

Coll said...

Noel is just the sweetest little thing... next to Patches, that is. :-)

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