Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday Things We've Seen Recently

This week's Lazy Sunday theme is things we've seen this past week. There will be no pictures of the campground inhabitants sunning themselves in deference to friends and family back east who are suffering from freezing rain, sleet and inches and inches of snow.

This coyote was resting in the campground's storage area. The night before he was walking along a row of stored rvs as Denny and I were taking our nightly walk around the campground. The coyote kept pace with us from about 50 feet away, which means he's becoming acclimated to the folks here and might mean that people start losing little dogs and cats if they leave them out unattended. Just a simple fact of life in the desert.

Patches is caught in a quiet moment. The photo is yellow because it was dark in the fifth wheel and I still can't manage to take a clear picture of her using the flash. She doesn't stay still long enough and I can't getting the camera settings right. Someday...

Note: The same photograph after Darb cleaned it up using Photoshop--wow! Does anyone have a job for a research assistant who is pretty talented on the computer? The grant money ran out on his current project so he's job hunting in the Columbus, Ohio area. Mothers worry, don'cha know?

One evening on our walk I stepped out onto the beach to get a picture of the fading sunlight hitting the distant mountains. These coots and mallards immediately raced up from the river to see what I was going to feed them. Note the ones still paddling in from the far side of the river. I guess the next time I'll bring cat food--they love that.

This Little Egret was feeding in an irrigation ditch near the Poston Monument. Nearby was a Great Egret but I missed getting both of them in a shot together due to the weeds along the bank. The birds were positively gleaming in the sunlight.

Driving along I-17 heading out of Phoenix takes you right under the flight path of Sky Harbor Airport. I didn't get the camera out soon enough to get a shot of the plane that was so close overhead it looked like it was going to land on the interstate. I didn't play with the colors of the photograph--the sky is that blue on a clear day.

Everytime we headed west out of Phoenix I'd remember that I wanted to bring the camera to take a picture of this tableau in the desert. Now that I finally remembered the camera, some idiot broke or shot off the fleeing farmer's head and hand. There's always someone around to ruin a good thing. The man and tractor cut-outs are life sized, so the baby cut-out is quite large. Whoever created the scene has a wonderful sense of humor (the baby is playing with another piece of equipment belonging to the farmer).
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Coll said...

So many good photos here. How interesting to have a coyote so close to the campsite. It is a little disturbing that he appears to be losing his fear of humans.

Wow.. the difference in the photos of Patches is quite something.

The coots and mallards had me smiling.

And the cut-outs had me chuckling.

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