Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stupid computers

Yesterday morning when I came back from water aerobics Denny informed me that his laptop was frozen at the opening screen. Wonderful! We have a 7 month old Gateway laptop that we spent big bucks on, that's only used for gaming and online surfing by Denny (who never downloads anything onto it because he's totally computer illiterate) and it's locked up.

A call to Gateway's technical support connected me to a tech who told me to do things I had already tried on my own (and much more quickly) since he was following his little list. The end result? I had to reinstall the operating system, of course.AAARRRGGGHHH. I had no backups since this is a gaming computer, but that's no big deal other than it is very time consuming to reinstall everything and it's difficult to copy items from the desktop to the laptop because the two disk copying systems fight with each other and the Gateway views the Compaq-createdCDs with info as blank disks.

Thus, a lovely sunny day was spent inside downloading and uploading and configuring, etc. and it continues today. I think this is why my favorite cherry-rhubarb pie was baking in the oven when I came home from water aerobics this morning (sorry Darb, Denny WILL make you one the next time we're home)--it was a peace offering. Which I will accept graciously.

I love computers and I hate computers. Pass the pie.

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Coll said...

I can think of little that is more frustrating than a computer gone wrong. Been there.. many, many times. :-)

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