Friday, February 09, 2007

Not Happy Campers

Denny and I came up to the Apache Junction area because there is a Camping World at Mesa and we needed to special order a new couch so we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone by having the couch delivered here while we were visiting frieds. As a special order, they needed at least seven weeks for it to be built and delivered, so we made our general plans to fit that schedule. Mid-January we received a call from Camping World saying the couch was in, so we set an appointment for this week as by then we had made plans up to that point.

Today we arrived a half-hour early for our appointment, sat for a half hour before being told to back the fifth-wheel into a service bay where we left it. Denny and I took advantage of the fact that LaMesa RV was right across the street and window-shopped for motorhomes for an hour. We returned to the service area, figuring it took 15 minutes to install our awning topper and ten minutes to carry in the couch. The new awning was just being installed, so we wandered back to the RV dealer to look at one more motorhome and then we returned to find the service technician finishing up with the awning, so we figured the couch would go in next so we stood by the rig to watch. We waited and waited and waited and finally a half hour later a service tech stopped out and asked us if someone had called us to notify us that the couch was in. "Why?" we asked. "Because we can't find your couch and it's not in our warehouse" was the reply. I could feel the beginning of a slow burn so I asked the tech why someone would call us three weeks ago to make an appointment after telling us our couch was in. He said, "don't shoot the messenger, go talk to the guys inside". So we did. All in all, we talked to five people, up to and including the service manager and it took another hour before they decided the couch was MIA and that they had to revise the bill and service order. Camping World still has no idea where our couch may be, and it took 5 people and 3 hours to have an awning topper installed and a bill revised. Camping World at Mesa is a place to avoid folks. It's scary there.

Our reservations are made all the way up to April, at which point we're going to be in Utah. Where our couch is and when it can be installed is questionable. The worst part is that Camping World has had our payment since December, when we ordered the couch so we're kind of stuck.

Life on the road doesn't always go smoothly. I won't even get into the hassle we had at the office of my once favorite campground here in Gold Canyon. That's a whole 'nother story and I haven't had enough alcoholic libations yet to get into that mess. Thank goodness I have the Superstition Mountains to gaze at to calm my soul. That always happens here--I love these mountains.


Coll said...

I could feel my blood starting to boil just reading about it. How very frustrating this must have been.

Nancy said...


They should have offered to refund your money.

Hope the rest of your week goes well.

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