Monday, February 05, 2007

You Can Have Your Cold Weather

When I checked the Dayton Daily newspaper feed this morning I saw it was -5 degrees at 8 AM back in Ohio. I guess when I send my daily e-mail to my mother this afternoon I probably won't mention how it's supposed to reach 79 degrees here today. That would be a bit of salt in the wound, don't you think? I know when my mother writes me she'll probably tell me she's wearing a thermal top, a cable-knit sweater, jeans and a cardigan over the sweater with the thermostat on the furnace set to 72 degrees. You see, my mom has something like zero body fat so she freezes in the winter. Denny and I have tried to talk her into moving west, but at her age she's afraid to leave friends and the family members she's recently re-connected with. I guess I can't blame her, but man, that is just way too cold for me. And yes Coll, I realize you deal with frigid temperatures up in the 'peg all winter but you Canadians are crazy anyway. Heh.

We have golf on the agenda this week since the temperatures are finally right to play in comfort as well as a free bus trip to a casino in Globe on Thursday. Of course, it won't be free in the long run because Denny and I always end up leaving our money there to support the local economy/Native American tribe, but that's okay. There's a couple more beading classes that I might sit in on and I noticed there are a few more geocaches in the area since we were last here so we may get out and hit a few of those also. Of course, it's always nice to just sit in the sun with a cool, alcoholic beverage of our choice by our side as we chit-chat with those who walk by, too. Now why would you want to stay in the colder parts of the country with choices like these?

1 comment:

Coll said...

-5 would be a heat wave .. and 79 would be darn near heaven.
Just call me the crazy Canuck. :-)

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