Friday, February 16, 2007

Ouch, no couch. Or, the couchy has an ouchy.

Two separate employees called us on Monday to tell Denny and I that our new couch had arrived, so we made an appointment for this morning because we were leaving the Phoenix area to settle for a couple of weeks in Earp. We pulled into the service bay and settled into a conversation with a Flagstaff man who was considering a trip to Alaska and spent an enjoyable half hour talking about this and that. At that point we heard someone being paged to go to our service bay and both our heads swiveled towards the service department to see what was going on. Another 15 minutes passed and we were paged. Okay, we thought, they just needed another set of hands to get a heavy sleep-sofa over the kitchen island because space is tight. Nope. We should be so lucky.

A very chastened young man came out to get us and show us our brand spanking new couch, still half in the box. The factory had placed the false front panel upside down across the seat area of the couch and due to heat/rubbing/friction/whatever there were three large spots of wear and one one inch tear on both arms of the couch and the edges of the false front panel. I think the young man was some sort of supervisor because he was taking pictures and e-mailing Flexsteel and trying to find a solution, but we told him we had a reservation in Earp and we were out of there. The bad part is that we've already paid for the couch and we need a sleeper sofa (regular sleep sofas from a furniture store are too wide/long for our trailer) so once again we are waiting to hear what is going to happen. We are going back to Phoenix in two weeks for another week long stay but the couch is supposed to take seven weeks to make and deliver. So it will be interesting to see what they will do.

And so we have no couch. And already at this campground the stereos are blaring because we're on the Colorado River and the families are here to party, boat and jet-ski over the long holiday weekend (I forgot about that when I made our reservation) . We need a drink.

But hey, we're here safely, it's 81 degrees at 5 PM (sorry, Darb, I just had to say it) and otherwise life is good. I guess a perfect life would be boring, huh?

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Coll said...

81 degrees.. OMG.. I would take that over a couch about now. :-) But I do appreciate your frustration. :-)

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