Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday Many Faces of the Superstitions

I can sit and watch the play of sunlight on these mountains for hours. Depending on the light and angle, the cloud cover and amount of pollution (unfortunately) you will see a different mountain every day. The Lost Dutchman Mine is somewhere still to be found deep in the mountains' midst and there's a lot of history and mystery to them there hills.

While the entire range of mountains in the area are known as the Superstition Mountains, this particular peak to me lets me know I'm back in one of my favorite areas.

Early morning rain clouds over the Superstitions.

Dusk at the Superstitions.

Cloud patterns on the mountains.

A bright sunny day in Gold Canyon.

We wrote down the phone number of the realtor selling this house. We realize it's out of our price range since nearby lots are selling for $400,000 for 5 acres. But it has amenities that we like, such as... absolutely stunning view of the mountains.

1 comment:

Coll said...

Wouldn't that be something.. to wake up to that view every morning.

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