Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Lazy Sunday After a Lazy Week

Fall weather arrived with a vengeance this week, turning cold and threatening rain for several days. It was a good time to snuggle down with a book while enjoying the peaceful quiet of a totally isolated camp site, at least until the weekend campers arrived. Gunfire from the nearby shooting range mixed with the happy shouts of children and barking dogs made it even easier to stay inside with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm cat on my lap.

Last week while having breakfast in Donegal, PA we were given a glimpse of what the fall color would be in a couple of weeks. There was also a pond with ducks and an old buckboard wagon filled with brightly colored mums to see out the big picture windows. All that and a great breakfast.

This is our little peace of private forest here near Salt Fork State Park at the Grand Haven Resort. From Monday through Friday, we were the only ones in this section of the park, which meant Patches was in her glory. She could wander freely without worrying about kids or dogs or golf carts and cars and there were deer and ground hogs and chipmunks to stalk.

This young buck wandered up into the campground early in the week, but only made one appearance. There are miles of woods around, so I was surprised to see him here.

Why does the turkey cross the road? To get out of the way of folks on their way to play golf at the Salt Fork State Park golf course! There were actually about four turkeys running hither and yon, trying to get away from the truck, but I only managed to get a quick shot of the one.

Salt Fork Lake as seen from one of the tee boxes of the golf course. Salt Fork State Park is the largest state park in Ohio. I think we drove about four miles into the park before we finally arrived at the golf course.

Doesn't think look like something a wicked witch would feed you? I'm assuming these mushrooms aren't edible, because they certainly aren't appealing.

There's not much fall color here due to the drought that Ohio has suffered this year, but I found this tiny red leaf with the bit of lichen on a broken branch appealing.

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