Monday, October 22, 2007

A Little About the Police Softball Hall of Fame Induction

Wow! What a weekend! Denny and I arrived in Palm Springs, California on Thursday along with a former co-worker and softball team member Jimmy R. and his wife. After we settled in a bit, Denny and I drove over to the casino/hotel that was the tournament headquarters for most of the policemen coming in. While we waited for some of the other team members who were flying in to play softball as part of the World Series at the Big Dreams Field Denny and I won a little money on the slots, which is always fun. Several of the officers and their wives on the Central Ohio Lawmen softball team hit a local sports bar for a little TV, beer and dinner.

Firday evening was the opening ceremony of the World Series and the Hall of Fame induction. I was going to try to get the entire induction ceremony on video, but all the men lined up on the baselines with their backs to the audience so I just watched most of it instead of catching it on the camera.

A color guard marched onto the field, followed by a high school band who played the Star Spangled Banner.

Officer Shevy Wright threw out the first ball to start the tournament.

The 2007 Hall of Fame inductees.

Denny with some of his fellow HOF inductees.

Some of the members of the Central Ohio Lawmen softball team and their wives awaiting the start of the festivities.

The official Hall of Fame medallion.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Denny! I'm glad to see that you're both doing well (and playing golf!)


Scott Tobias

Coll said...

A big congrats to Denny. How very exciting.. and it looks to be so much fun.

disa said...
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