Thursday, October 11, 2007

Non-golfers Disregard

I think there's at least one person who follows this blog who is also a golfer, so this is for them. Plus it helps me remember the good courses in our travels. I'm playing catch up on the last three rounds we've played, so all the non-golfers will have to go elsewhere for entertainment today.

The Oak Harbor Golf Club

Located at 10433 County Road 17 (Oak Harbor Rd), Oak Harbor, OH (800)252-1729. The cost for two of us at the senior rate was $40 total to play 18 holes using a riding cart.

Eons ago glaciers flattened most of the state of Ohio, so many of the golf courses in the state have little in the way of hills. Oak Harbor is no different, so they make use of trees and some links-style landscaping to make things interesting. The course is well maintained, has occasional views of the Portage River and is a nice course to play. Distance from the blue tees--6588 yards and red tees is 5287 yards.

Ohio's golf courses can be pretty flat.

Donegal Highlands Golf Course

There's no street address for this golf course, other than Rt. 31 in Donegal, Pennsylvania (724)423-7888. If you get off the Turnpike at the Donegal exit (exit 91) and turn right, going east, you'll see the signs for the course about 2 miles down the road.

This is a golf course to hit in peak "leaf peeper" season. We were a bit too early for that as we were still having wonderful summer temperatures in October. The terrain is much more interesting here, as the area is surrounded by mountains. As seniors, we were able to play 18 holes using a riding cart for $20 each. Love that! This is a very scenic course with enough sand traps, trees and water to make it challenging for any level of golfer. Distance from the back tees is 6370 yards and from the red tees is 4545 yards.

Can you imagine this backdrop in yellow, orange, red and maroon?

Salt Lake State Park Golf Course

This is a kick-a$$ golf course. There's nary a flat spot on the entire course. I couldn't believe it when the gal behind the counter at the pro shop asked us if we were walking or riding when we paid to play 18 holes. Yeah, I want to die young of a heart attack on the golf course!

Located deep within the boundaries of the huge Salt Fork State Park in Cambridge, Ohio, this is a golf course you will remember for a long time. Denny played this course well over thirty years ago with his then-father-in-law and remembered the incredibly steep 17th hole as if it were yesterday. The distance from the back tees is a relatively short 6056 yards and the red tees are at 5241 yards, but with all the uphill and downhill lies you'll feel like the course was twice that long.

Standing at the eighteenth tee you'll be glad to see the clubhouse at the top of the hill because you will be exhausted! The course is so challenging and has such terrific views that you'll be glad you went out of your way to find this one.

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