Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Too Early

A friend suggested buying something called "Airborne" for our plane trip to California. It's supposed to prevent cold symptoms and is comprised of various herbal ingredients. I'm all for herbs and one we were on the second leg of the trip I was so happy we had it because every third person on the airplane was sneezing/coughing/nose blowing/eww. I guess by next week I'll know if it works.

Today we'll head to the softball diamonds and watch the Police Softball Tournament games. There are only a couple of guys left on the Dayton team that Denny used to play with and manage, but it will be fun watching and we're sure to recognize players from other cities that the team used to compete with. Tonight is the Hall of Fame induction and probably some serious partying. How long Denny and I will last is unknown, since the difference in the time zones had us awake at 3AM Pacific time this morning. Ugh. However, there will be lots of stories and tall tales and laughter going on which is not to be missed.

If all goes well and the ball diamonds are well-lighted, there will be pictures tomorrow.

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Coll said...

This sounds like soooo much fun!!

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