Tuesday, October 09, 2007


We made it to our spot at our campground here in the hills of eastern Ohio, but at a severe strain to the new transmission. The interior roads within the resort are incredibly steep, narrow and bumpy, meaning we had to use very slow speeds going up them which was not good on the engine. Denny was freaking out, to say the least.

Crossing the borders from Pennsylvania to West Virginia to Ohio you could see the difference in the amount of rain each state has received this summer. The trees and vegetation in Pennsylvania is lush and they will soon have a gorgeous, colorful fall (once the record-breaking temperatures start to drop) while in West Virginia and Ohio the drought has caused the leaves to die without going through a color change--the leaves are either green, yellow, brown or gone. Otherwise, this area would be a picture taking paradise.

We have a feral cat that's watching our trailer (we're the only ones in this section of the campground although there are cabins that are occupied) and Patches and I discovered a chipmunk nearby. Strangely enough I saw no birds yesterday, although we were busy trying to find a satellite signal for the TV through all the tall trees. We managed with the Internet satellite, but can only get one of two satellite beams on the DISH system. That means I got my Dancing With the Stars, but there's no ESPN for Denny. Obviously, THAT'S not going to work.

It's supposed to rain today, so it will be a good day to grocery shop and locate the golf course where we made tee times for tomorrow. I think it's also time to go through the trailer and start winnowing out extra "stuff" to leave at my mother's house to be sold at the next garage sale. Methinks we've slowly accumulated some extra unnecessary weight (yeah, yeah, it's diet time too) which is placing an additional burden on the truck's engine. And we just don't have $50,000+ for a new F450.


Coll said...

Truck problems when your life is on the road is, for sure, worrisome.
Here's hoping the sun comes out tomorrow for the game of golf. Here it is cold, grey and damp. The furnace is on and so are the comfy sweaters.

Chris said...

Fifty Grand! Wow!!

Good luck to you both.

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