Saturday, October 20, 2007

The First Pitch

The opening ceremonies of the 2007 Police Softball World Series started with a police color guard, a marching band, and a somber ceremony honoring a fellow police officer who died in the line of duty. And then came the most touching moment of all, when little Shevy Wright, an officer with the Chandler Police Department in Chandler, Arizona, threw out the first pitch.

Shevy was diagnosed with a brain tumor late last year. His desire to grow up to be a police officer led the Chandler PD to create an honorary police officer position for Shevy, complete with uniform and badge. Police officers around the country donated money so that Shevy and his family could attend the Police Softball World Series, paying for their flight, room and board for the weekend. The Chandler Police worked to arrange a donation of a used car for the family to use in transporting Shevy to his medical appointments.

I couldn't get a clear shot of little Shevy throwing out the first ball because everyone in the stadium was on their feet cheering when Shevy took the field and threw that pitch. You see, Shevy probably won't make it until Christmas. But a whole bunch of people made it a special weekend for Officer Shevy Wright here in Palm Springs at the Big League Dreams Ball Park on Wrigley Field.

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Coll said...

Bless the hearts of policemen everywhere.. for all the good that they do and for helping little Shevy's dream come true.

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