Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Trip on an Aerial Tramway

Most of our weekend in Palm Springs was spent at the ball diamonds watching the Central Ohio Lawmen play softball. Only two of the team members were on the original team that Denny coached and played with, but that didn't lessen our interest in watching them play. Of course, Denny kept a running commentary going, critiquing plays and players but for the most part kept his thoughts to himself. There were a couple of suggestions that he made to Woolfie and Jimmie, knowing they would accept them in the spirit offered. While Denny hasn't played in years, the competitive spirit still lives on inside of him.

Saturday morning before the first game Jimmie called and suggested we take the tram ride. Denny and I talked about riding the tram the first time we were in the area, but we had a lot of other stuff going on so we didn't get around to it. Sometimes you just need a push to get going! So off we went.

Some quick statistics about the tram ride. The cars are the largest in the world and the only ones of their kind in the Western Hemisphere. The floors rotate as you are ascending and descending the tramway--a slow rotation that goes around twice going up and twice going down. That had a tendency to throw you off balance a little, especially when attempting to take pictures! The trip up to the top tram station is two and a half miles and takes ten minutes and boy is it a long way down! When we loaded onto the cars the temperature was in the high 80s and when we arrived at the other end the temperature was in the high 50s. On a clear day you can not only see the Salton Sea 40 miles away, but you can see Mt. Charleston, located near Las Vegas, NV. When you step off the tram at the top, you will be entering the Mt. San Jacinto State Park with 54 miles of hiking trails, a primitive campground and an activity center for winter activities. There is a snack bar, a lounge and a restaurant there, with outdoor platforms for dining and viewing the scenery. You can certainly spend a few hours here if you wanted to pack a picnic and hike around, or just lounge in the sun enjoying the view.

Note: Clicking on the slide show will open it in another window in a larger size.


Coll said...

Wow.. beautiful photos. What a neat experience.

Soulknitting said...

Very nice pics!!! If you replace the 000000 (six zeros) with six f's (ffffff), the background color will change to white.

In the web album code for your blog.


Linda and Denny said...

Done and done--thanks for the hint, Kim. I like the background better in white, too.

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