Monday, October 15, 2007

Hitting the Road Again

Denny and I are heading back to the Dayton area today. We've got to pull the last of the garden at his father's house, mow and handle whatever maintenance needs to be done before we fly out to California for a few days. There's also lawn mowing to be done at my mother's house, covering up the glider and water fountains in the back yard and settling Patches in since my mom will be cat-sitting for us.

All that means is that we won't be at the trailer much, so I don't think we'll be putting up the Internet satellite this week. Which means I won't be posting much, if anything at all. I am taking the computer to California and hope to get pictures of the Hall of Fame ceremonies put up before we leave there. If not, it'll happen sometime next week as we start our travels southward.

Have a good one.

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