Saturday, October 06, 2007

Good News/Bad News

The bad news is that we'll miss the fall color in Pennsylvania next week. The good news is that we'll miss the fall color in Pennsylvania next week.

The good news is that Davies Ford installed a new rebuilt transmission and oil cooler under warranty at no charge to us and we have the truck back. The bad news is that they practically pushed us out the door without explaining any of the repairs (stating that they would mail us all the paperwork detailing the repairs) and on the way to returning the rental car Denny noticed our transmission temperature gauge was still not working (it stopped working when the transmission fluid starting spewing out).

The continued bad news is, that when Denny called the service department to tell them the temperature gauge wasn't working and asked if perhaps it had not been checked or re-attached, the service tech said he wasn't aware that there was a problem with it and left it at that--no request to bring the truck back so they could look at it.

Therefore, while we are thrilled to have the truck back, mostly repaired and at no cost to us, we really would have like for it to have been totally fixed. I'm not quite sure how to rate Davies Ford. They were friendly, helpful-seeming and finally after three days, expedited the repair. Perhaps Denny calling to check the status of the repair every day bugged them too much and they just wanted us gone at that point because I'm sure they put our repair ahead of others who were already there. I left feeling that they were glad to wash their hands of us. That's not a good feeling at all.


Chris said...

I'm glad to hear you got the problem fixed under warranty.
Might be time for a trip to a truck dealer. I hear Dodge makes a good tow vehicle.

Not much color here in NE Indiana this year, but the weather is summer like. looks like a high of 86 degrees here today.
Good luck.

Coll said...

Great news that the transmission was fixed under warrenty.. but it is worrisome about the temperature guage. Kind of leaves one wondering what else they missed or did half-a*#ed.

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