Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Waiting Game

There has been no word from the Ford dealership yet on the status of the truck. Denny and I drove down there once Enterprise finally delivered our rental car and we finished all the paperwork and got through all the chatty-cathi-ness of the rental agent. The service manager needed our paperwork from the installation of the rebuilt transmission that was done in Oregon in 2005 to see if we squeaked through on the mileage for the warranty. Unfortunately, all that was back in the trailer. The service manager did say that the computer check showed we had no forward or reverse gear. Which is strange because we managed to pull into the campground and back up to level the trailer on boards, but who are we to argue. We're stuck.

So when the going gets tough, the tough go golfing. That's our plan for the day. I'm sure there will be a message on the phone when we are finished so we'll know where we stand and how long we'll be here in the hills of Pennsylvania. It's really not such a bad place to be.


Chris said...

Break downs, that's the part that scares me about full timing.

Good luck with the repair bill. Hopefully it is still under warranty.

Chris, who is no longer posting as anonymous.

Coll said...

I like your attitude. "The tough get golfing" had me laughing. I hope all goes well with the transmission. I will be thinking and wondering about you.

Soulknitting said...

I am soooooo sorrrrryyyy to hear all this about your truck. Having to get a new transmission would really be bad so I hope that a less expensive outcome is in the works.

At least you're not snowed in.

Soulknitting said...

Oh, and how is Patches?

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