Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Birthday Outing at the Stoneridge Resort Golf Course

That's the first hole of the Stoneridge Golf Course in Blanchard, Idaho located 13 miles from our campground in Newport, Washington.  A sign near the white tees warns of a landing area 220 yards down, but doesn't tell what's down there.  The score card has no map of the holes of the course as most score cards do, so we shoot and cross our fingers.  Turns out, there's a pond on the far side of the green so if you shoot too far you may end up there.  That's how the course went all day--no idea whether the fairways turned gently or sharply into a dogleg past the trees so you crossed your fingers and tried to hit the ball where you thought it would be safe.

At the first tee we were teamed up with Mike and Karen who live in Spokane, Washington.  Right off the bat, native Alaskan Karen told us it was her birthday.  Bright and bubbly, she was a joy to play golf with because as a beginner she was relaxed about her game as I always am so we had fun.  Mike wasn't one of those competitive types of golfers, so he and Denny could try to outhit each other, but it wasn't cut-throat.

The golf course was challenging without being killer, although we all could have used a few less sand traps because one or the other of us was always in one.  Rolling hillsides, uphill fairways, fast greens and scenery to die for; it doesn't get any better than this.

We did note a bit of discrimination however; a motorcoach only rv park within the resort where you owned/leased the lots.  No fifth wheels, class Cs or travel trailers allowed.  Sigh.  They did it right when creating this space right on the golf course.

At the end of the round Mike and Karen had to leave since they had planned the entire day around her birthday, but as we were playing Mike had been writing down all his favorite golf courses in the Spokane area since Denny and I are going to be near there next week.  So we have a heads up on the best places to play--bonus!

Since we were playing on the "Senior Special" day (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) we played 18 holes of golf with a riding cart and then had a free lunch at the clubhouse grill all for $40 each.  After our round was finished, Denny and I each had the bleu cheese/bacon burgers with the thinnest shoestring french fries I had ever seen along with some good, strong iced tea.  Our day was complete.

This is a place to return to someday.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Sounds divine for you two.
See, I am so addicted to this bloggin thing that my breaks from yard sale gettin readys are spent here in front of the computer.
vert word metedu. I metedu more gleening so I can make some money for more junque to sell next time. Or at least that's Joe's take on it.

SkippyMom said...

Sounds like the perfect day and [for once] beautiful weather. :)

Now I want a bleu cheese burger and iced tea Yum.

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