Thursday, July 01, 2010

An Afternoon at Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course

Graced with a break in the storm clouds on Tuesday, Denny and I decided to try the small golf course located on Hwy.89 in White Sulphur Springs, just a hop, skip and jump from our campground.  First, however, we had to locate one of the town's two ATM machines, but a lot of places here don't take credit or debit cards, the golf course included.  The price for two of us to play 18 holes with a riding cart was $54 total.

Arrowhead Meadows is what I call a farm golf course--it looks like it was created from a farmer's field; flat, wide open, little water, few sand traps, few trees.  Which makes it a perfect course for practicing your golf games without having to worry about obstructions and out of bounds.  It's a short course, playing at 5894 yards from the men's tees (there's only one) and 5304 yards from the women's tees.  The slope/rating for the men's is 67.3/107 and 68.7/114 for the ladies. For the only golf course around for miles, it's in decent shape and at nine holes you can play a really quick round.  We finished 18 holes in two hours and we were taking extra shots just to hone our games a bit, simply because there was no one in front of us and no one behind us.  Nice.  I have to say, we did stop at the turn to beg mosquito spray from the lady at the counter--they were ferocious and I was covered in welts.  Between the spray and the fact that the storm started coming in with some good breezes made the second nine much more pleasant to play.
And the scenery isn't bad either.


Linda in New Mexico said...

i love the last photo showing the bumps (extrusions). I love earth bumps.....does it mean it's getting a chill or a thrill???? only mother earth knows for sure.
vert word gatiosub. When we have folks over for the 4th I always tell them gatiosub of the food and come side down for awhile.
SCORE on the vert word.
You know, I told Skippy do rah day that I think I will have another giveway. A vert word giveaway. Everyone who answers in the comments with a vert word can enter. I hope to infect the world with my evil plot cuz I sure have fun with you and Skippy and Georgina....but alas, that's all there is, there ain't no more.

SkippyMom said...

Y'know the skeeters love you because you are so sweet, right? [laughing hysterically] hee.

Looks like a neat golf course - one that would be right up my alley [fairway?] - 'cause I suck at golf but love hanging with Pooldad.

Vert word is regestis - and again? I have nuthin'. Sorry. But my kids sure are looking at me funny because I keep saying "regestis" out loud.

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