Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summer Sun

Wanting to do something a little different for our anniversary, I planned a morning adventure to the Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington. Located on the banks of the Spokane River, the one hundred acres of the park is given over to providing fun and entertainment for adults and children alike while also provided a peaceful place to enjoy the falls, the river, the flowers and the trees in the middle of town.

My intent this day had been to start off with a gondola ride over the falls but it seems that the staff closes down the ride when the temperatures get too high. The interior of the glass enclosed gondolas gets a good 15 degrees warmer than the outside temperatures and 100 degree temperatures don't make for a pleasant experience. So we'll have to put the gondola ride on our "we'll do it the next time around" list, which seems to be growing exponentially to our travels.

The Spokane River and Falls are a very obvious highlight of the park. Rushing, tumbling clean green water waters churning over black granite made for great pictures but I'll only include a couple here.

Meandering trails take you back and forth across the river and small tributaries, with totem poles, markers and statuary sprouting up in hidden nooks and quiet corners throughout the park. With the background white noise of the falls, it's a soothing place if you need it to be, or a place of high activity if you're a child as there is a small amusement park with an Imax theatre situated on the grounds. The city has done a great job with this gem of a park.Read about the carousel here.

Although it was uncomfortably hot for our morning jaunt, I'm glad we took the time to visit Riverfront Park--it was well worth it.


Sue and Doug said...

happy anniversary to you !!!..looks like you had a great day at the Riverfront park..thanks for the tour!

Linda in New Mexico said...

I just love the spraying water feature in the park. Looks like the prediction of being kids worked out pretty gooder.....
Denny and the radio flyer, you and the blocks, perfect.
Hey I loved the funny this morning. Too many wonderful quotes.
vert word...huntibra. I have always wanted one of them German huntibra's.

meowmomma... said...

We saw that same duck and I took the same picture of the "racers" when we visited Spokane several years ago ~ pre-blogging!! lol

Thanks for your comment to me about getting a supervisor for the attempt at getting a Dish DVR. I think I tried that when I made my attempt, but now that we have a newer dish up top that I'm sure will be compatible with a DVR, I will attempt it again and with a more FIRM attitude! Sorry to have been so slow to reply, but I've been having poor wifi in the parks we've been staying in recently!

Have fun on your cruise!!!!!

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