Saturday, July 03, 2010

Almost Over

This has been a weird weather week; sunshine, rain, winds, hail, more rain, more hail, more wind.  Hot, cool, cold.  Denny and I feel lucky that we snuck in two rounds of golf between the storms and having our power turned off and on and off and on and.....There is still a huge hole around our power pole as the electrician now believes the problem emanates from the electrical circuitry at the office.  The workampers are REAL thrilled about that after having to dig down 4 feet at our site.  Because these aren't young people, folks.

Between the weather, the electrical problems and the fact that we are out in the middle of nowhere with little to do unless we want to make 100+ mile round trips, I think we'll be pretty glad when this holiday weekend is over with and we can move on.  While we won't be a whole lot closer to towns and shopping in Hungry Horse, at least we'll be close to Glacier National Park, which is the whole reason we're heading that way. Everyone who has been there says it is fabulous there, so we're looking forward to exploring the park.  

In the meantime, we're keeping our heads down.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Well then by all means keep your head down. Sheesh, electrical probs. I'm sorry. The hail and wind here has been insane. All of the plants on the north side of my house (fairy garden) were sorta leveled with the last storm. Now the turtles have to seek a better hiding place since we sure can see them in the violets with no leaves now. So keep your head down...just like my turtles. tee hee
vert word is mesties. You know how you call your best friends, your besties....well, my grands are my mesties.

SkippyMom said...

But if you didn't have insane weather how would you ever feel normal? [It just follows you two, I swear. hee]

::running away now::

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