Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Long Day at Glacier

Sensory overload.  There's no other way to describe a day of driving the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.  Distracted only by the fact that our probably bigger than 8 foot wide dually truck was driving on lanes that were only seven feet wide in several areas, this park is everything everyone told us it would be and we didn't even attempt to hike any of the trails.  Our day was quite long due to construction on Going to the Sun Road as well as by the fact we decided to head up to the Many Glaciers section of the park while we were on the east side of the park.  That left us with a very, very long drive home west of the west entrance so we were as Darb used to say "pooped puppies".  Very pooped puppies indeed.

Since Bl*gger has limits on photographs I'm uploading some of the day's pix to Webshots.  Currently I'm still loading photos since we took another long day trip today which is a whole 'nother story.  Tomorrow.  Because right now there's a piece of huckleberry/peach pie calling my name.  Have to sample the local foods, right?


Linda in New Mexico said...

I took the opportunity to look at all your pix....there should be more letters in WOW. Simply beyond words.
vert word...alitioni
Looks like the alitioni was just right for the photos....I tried.

I Make Soap said...


Now can we talk somemore about the pie? ;)

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