Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tree Too Many

Trees are the bane of Denny's existence.  And here at our current campground, they've got 'em in abundance.  And so we've been off-line because no matter where we place the tripod and satellite dish, we were blocked by trees.  Sometimes by just this much, but it was enough that we couldn't get a strong enough signal to get the dish set up.  And believe me, we tried.  For four hours we tried. In six or seven different locations within our site and sometimes encroaching on the next (currently empty) site.  And then we finally gave up in frustration.  Because it was five o'clock somewhere.

There is a fee-for-use wi-fi system here, but I'm not a fan of unsecured wi-fi since we do all of our banking and make many of our purchases online.  There are too many computer savvy folks out there nowadays for me to feel comfortable using an unsecured connection that way.  So we either try again today to find a small, clear view to the southern sky or bite the bullet and pay to use the campground's connection.  If I can talk Denny into it, we'll be moving that big dish all over our site again today.  It's too bad air cards don't have a "pay as you go" system for the rare times this happens to us.  Not that Denny griping about the trees is rare, but simply that the times we actually are unable to find a signal are rare.  I'm just grateful Denny doesn't have access to a chain saw--his idea of the perfect campground (for satellite access) is a barren plain.  With no kids.  Or yapping dogs.

Yes, he can be a curmudgeon.  Yesterday was his day.

Edited in the evening: Yes, we got our satellite dish up and running, after we paid for one day's usage of the campground's wi-fi and ordered an Align-A-Site with expedited (read expensive) delivery.  So OF COURSE we were able to set up the dish and find the signal after that.  *sigh*

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SkippyMom said...

Um...I may have to rescind Denny's part of the invitation to our home considering Spot and the girls. Oh...and trees. Lots of trees.

Vert word: nompe

Pooldad: "Are you in the powder room getting warm Skippy?"

Skippy: "nompe[ing]"

heeeheee...running off now, but I want points. dangit.

[PS - and I know only tadpoles will get that joke. Hush up:D]

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