Monday, July 05, 2010

Natural Fireworks

Sunset comes late here in this part of the world--this was taken about 9:20PM.  It had been raining hard and suddenly the sun popped out so I figured I'd better try one last time to get some pictures of a sunset since every evening this week it clouded up and rained near the time the sun was due to set.

Between the facts that I was walking Patches and the mosquitoes were biting the palms of my hands as I was trying to take photographs, I was pleased that any of them turned out at all.  The mosquitoes really were bad here; it must have something to do with the herd of cattle and retention ponds nearby.

Hoards of mosquitoes meant the only ones out where those of us walking our pets--most folks stayed inside and missed the sunset.

They missed some pretty skies.
Time for a late night snack.  It was not my intent to share.

We're moving on today; we're heading to Hungry Horse, Montana which will be a longish day for us at 300 miles of red line roads.  But it should be scenic!

1 comment:

Linda in New Mexico said...

Gorgeous sunset. I love the sharin' photo with the kitty. Vert word...zeveyna
I'm luffin' the photoz since zeveyna did not to show up. Of course you haf to say with Russian accent...

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