Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Two weeks have passed since we've been near a town with a Wally World or major shopping so being within 20 miles of one meant we needed to stock up on basics.  As we were searching for Wally World, we passed a Lowes and decided to stop there on the way home for a couple of fix-it projects.  As we were standing in the check out line at Lowes, waiting for a price check (yes, we managed to find the one piece of vent tubing that didn't have a tag) I glanced up and saw a familiar looking man approaching us with empty hands.  I did a double take as Denny was saying "do we know you from Dayton?" while I was saying "Dutch!!!!"

It was indeed Dutch, whom we had worked with at Adventureland Amusement park in Altoona, Iowa during the summer of 2002.   Denny and I knew they lived in Montana somewhere near the Canadian border, but being unfamiliar with the area didn't realize they were only about 70 miles away.  Dutch was actually in town to pick up his wife Pat at the airport as she had been in St. Louis for a reunion so he was killing time before her flight by wandering around Lowes.  What were the chances that we'd be delayed by a price check long enough for Dutch to see and recognize us after eight years?  It's that cute face of Denny's, I guess!

So once Dutch checks with Pat to see what she has planned for the weekend, Denny and I will probably make a day trip to their house for a visit before we head out of Montana and into the state of Washington.  After all, we've got a lot to catch up on after all these years!

Sometimes the weird stuff is good.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Life is so good sometimes....what a happy happening. Have a super unexpected reunion and visit. Linda the other
vert word...patiesse...I don't really know but something French.... no score. tee hee

SkippyMom said...

Oh lawd - if we are keeping vert word scores I am probably at what? Negative 32? hee.

Have a nice reunion then come back and tell us all about. :)

Vert word: novele - I could write a novele but I lack imagination. [huh? yeah?]

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