Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day at the Lake

Twenty-five miles long, one hundred thirty-five miles of shoreline, averaging 120 feet deep, clear as a bell, blue as can be.  Named Heart of  Awl in French after the negotiating skill in trading of the Schee-Chu-Umsh Indians who lived in the area (the French traders likened those skills to the sharp point of the awl), Coeur D'Alene Lake is a sparkling counterpoint to the lovely town of Coeur D'Alene.

Called a resort town, Coeue D'Alene's downtown area is compact and walkable. Filled with upscale shopping, art galleries, wine bars and restaurants the clean streets are lined with huge hanging baskets of wave petunias and many doors are open to allow the pine-scented air in along with customers.

There is whimsy to the town, personified by the Mudgy and Millie characters that dot the Mudgy Moose Trail.  Ya gotta love a town that honors the creations of one of its local residents while encouraging tourists and locals to explore the area.

Another local attraction is the 3300 foot long floating boardwalk that fronts the Coeur D'Alene resort on the the lake.  As you wander its length you can pick up some goodies at the little convenience store at one end, sit at a picnic area and watch the boats come and go or simply gaze at the beauty that is the lake and its surrounding hills.  The marina is filled with pricey toys and you can rent Sea Doos, take a sea plane ride, rent a para-sail, take an afternoon or sunset dinner cruise around the lake or simply play at the beach located at the public park next to the resort.

Denny and I made the hour long drive here because years ago his brother Doug told us that he wanted to retire to Coeur D'Alene.  That was before his diagnosis and death from lung cancer.  So we wanted to see the place that so intrigued Doug and now we know why he wanted to live here.  Good choice, Doug.

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Linda in New Mexico said...

Totally understandable. That place is gorgeous. All that water sure looks inviting to those of us who are sweltering in 100 degree 25% humidity. Doesn't sound like much except the swamp coolers that we high desert folks have don't work if the humidity is more than 15%. It's icky here. I'll just look at your photos and chill.
vert word hilata...I sure have hilata things to gripe about today. And this is new how?????

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