Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Part of the whole point of fulltime RVing is to live in comfortable climates. In the winter, we move south to enjoy sunshine and warm temperatures and in the summer we head north attempting to locate cool breezes.

Unfortunately, yesterday our move from Needles, CA to Camp Verde, AZ did not follow that concept. The Weather Channel warned us that Flagstaff could get 3-6 inches of the white stuff and driving through Flagstaff was our planned route, of course. Our reservations were set however, and we knew our mail would be there ahead of us, so off we drove. And we found snow. We were lucky in that the inch or so that was on the ground had been there for at least a day and the roads were clear. We decided to take Hwy. 89 off I-17 for a change in scenery and ran into some sleet, but it looked like we avoided some heavier stuff coming down over the mountains of Flagstaff that we could see to the east. The sleet eased up quickly, lasting only long enough to cover the truck and fifth-wheel with a heavy coat of grime.

After we got the rig all set up and the furnace running I called my mom since she had a Mohs procedure scheduled to remove a basal cell carcinoma from her cheek (with another removal of another growth scheduled next Monday). After making sure she was okay, I started whining about the cold and at that point she told me about the 6 inches of snow that was predicted for Kettering today. Okay Mom, you win the miserable weather competition! Man, what a bleak start to spring. My mom did say she had daffodils blooming so maybe I can get her to e-mail me some pictures of them in the snow. I do miss the tulips, hyacinths, lilacs and daffodils of Ohio in springtime. Desert wild flowers are pretty but they just aren't the same.

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