Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rain, the road and spring

Denny and I have discovered that the chance of rain on moving day is inversely proportional to how much we paid to wash the rig two days previously. Washing our rig and truck is surely the best way to insure the local area gets its much needed rain. Yesterday's trip from Camp Verde to St. David, AZ was no exception to that rule, although at this particular campground they prohibit washing vehicles so the area is safe for a few days-in spite of the local forecast.

It was a long, long day for us yesterday due to road construction and a lengthy delay at the Flying J truck stop in Eloy to fill up on cheap-for-the-area diesel fuel. However, once we arrived in the area south of Tucson we were treated to the bright green growth of new leaves on bushes and trees which gleamed against the tan desert floor. Our spirits perked up at the sight of spring and the thoughts of new beginnings and new destinations for the year.

The first picture above is a close up of a cherry tree in bloom and the second one is an apple tree, both in the campground at Camp Verde. It reminded of spring in Ohio-now where are the tulips and daffodils?

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