Friday, March 17, 2006

Like I don't have enough trouble with my own set up

When Denny and I were setting up our DW satellite system on Monday after arriving at this campground, a man stopped by and asked Denny if he (Denny) would help the man with his DW system as he was having problems with his set up. Denny immediately passes the whole thing on to me by telling the gentleman that I'm the computer whiz and that he'd have to talk to me. Okay, thanks, Denny!

Don, our new neighbor, told Denny he knew we were busy getting settled in and would stop by later to talk about how we set up our system, which was fine. He stopped by later, asked a few questions and then requested we come over to his rig in a day or so to see what we thought of his set up. Since we had plans to shop and then spend a day with my mom, we told him it would be a couple of days and left it at that.

Well, yesterday Don came to get us and Denny showed him how to level his tripod and dish to get the best signal and I walked him through all the steps I used to get online and we went through the standard test and we passed cross-pol with flying colors and we couldn't get online. Hmm. Try again. And again. And again. After an hour, we agreed to walk away from the whole thing (which has been known to miraculously cause the system to reboot itself and start working). No luck with that method apparently, as Don came by later in the afternoon and asked me to try again. Same response. Removed newer programs, replaced them with old, retested. No luck. Still passing cross-pol, which meant by all rights we should be online. No. Finally, after umpteen attempts at doing the same things I had done before, we were online. I did notice DW was loading new software into the modem, which was likely the whole problem right there. So Don was satisfied that the problem didn't lie in his method of setting up, I was satisfied that I got him back online, plus I got a bottle of Shiraz out of it (I tried to demur, but my arm was severely twisted).

That's how to waste an entire day on the computer and not do a darn thing.

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