Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Visit

Argh! Blogger ate my post this morning!

Okay, again. Last night Denny and I picked up my mother and her friend Dottie in Laughlin to bring them back to our campground for a lasagna dinner. I tried out a new cheesy spinach dip that turned out really well and we all scarfed up huge portions of the lasagna, along with salad and garlic bread. It was definitely not an Atkins-friendly meal! I had to pack up the slices of Denny's Dutch apple pie as they were too full after dinner to have dessert.

My mother and I took a short walk around the campground and I was appalled when she had to stop after about 500 feet to catch her breath. My mom has always had boundless energy and it really threw me to see her panting after just a walk up a short incline. I told her she really needed to discus her shortness of breath with her doctor at her next check up because something is seriously wrong. I'm thinking along the lines of emphysema now, since chest X-rays this winter didn't show anything.

Denny and I will be back in Ohio in August so we'll see if my mom's physical condition has deteriorated any further at that time. It's surprisingly hard to see her age so quickly in the span of one year as I've always thought of my mother as being so strong. And now the parent may become the child.

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