Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Not Good

My mom and her business partner, Dottie, flew into Laughlin, NV yesterday on a free gambling junket offer through Harrah's. Denny and I changed our route and moved to one of our member parks in Needles, about 27 miles south of Laughlin so we could drive up and visit with them today.

I was pretty shocked when I saw my mother as she looked absolutely drained and was as pale as a ghost. My first question to her was whether or not she was taking her high blood pressure medications, which she claims she has. But when we were walking up a very, very slight incline to get to the parking lot she started panting which alarmed me even more. I think being out-of-breath might relate more to her heart murmur than to her high blood pressure. I am definitely going to have to contact her family doctor and tell him about her condition. Denny and I are going to have to observe her closely when we're back in Ohio this summer and perhaps make a temporary change in our RVing lifestyle to be able to keep a better eye on my mother if she's weakening so rapidly.

Oh, and if you were wondering? We didn't lose all of our gambling stash today. We took the two Dots to the Riverside Casino, the Flamingo and the Golden Nugget but none of us walked out winners. Of course, Denny and I always say that we might as well walk into a casino and just hand our cash to the nearest employee because the casino is going to get it all anyway. We are just not lucky at the slots. Heck, we can't even catch three numbers on the lottery or win more than a dollar or a free ticket on scratch-offs. But there's always that chance...

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