Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Photos-Hummers

The birds, not the vehicles. The best ten dollars we have spent recently has been our stick-to-the-window hummingbird feeder. The aerial antics of these feisty little fellows can make us smile and their metallic colors gleaming in the sunlight is a sight to behold.

Yesterday we had a flicker land on the feeder in an attempt to feed and this morning some sort of sparrow with tangerine colored markings on his face and neck was trying to figure out what the big deal was with this feeder that all the little birds were eating from. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough with the camera either time to catch them.

Tomorrow we're heading north to Needles; my mother is flying into Laughin on Harrah's dime and we're going to drive up to see her. And of course we'll lose a few dollars at the casinos while we're at it-for us, that's mandatory.

1 comment:

Norman said...

Didja know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards??

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