Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You've Got Mail

Why is it in this day and age of modern technology we still anxiously await the arrival of the mailman? We have direct deposit of our paychecks, investments, etc., bill pay online so we don't receive paper bills, we've eliminated almost all of our old magazine subscriptions, notified the stores to stop sending us catalogues, but still we eagerly check the campground office when we arrive on a Monday to see if our mail has arrived before us and then rush to set up the rig so we can sit down and rip open that big envelope or box to see what we've received for the week. It's almost like Christmas, especially this week when a much anticipated audio book arrived from Norman with the added bonus of golf-related gifts tucked inside. Whoo-hoo!

I know it's not just me that feels this way because the number one question we're asked when we are explaining our full-timing lifestyle to people is "how do you get your mail????"

The U.S. Post office seems to be slowly trying to price themselves out of the market and with e-mails, online greeting cards, Instant Messenging, chat, online magazines and newspapers, online bill paying and bill notification by e-mail, cell phones and text messaging it seems that receiving mail might soon become a thing of the past. And wouldn't that be a shame because that sense of daily anticipation as you look through the mail for whatever it is you are hoping to receive (money, a letter from an old friend, a notice that you've won from the Publisher's Clearing House?) would be lost.

1 comment:

Norman said...


you should see all the cutsie wootsie golf stuff they brought in today!!



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