Sunday, March 19, 2006

Remember Tim and Rosie?

Tim (the man) and Rosie (the donkey) are traveling from the state of Washington to Texas, just because. Denny and I came across them in Bend, Oregon as we were returning from a sightseeing trip to Crate Lake National Park. I honestly thought he was a prospector when I saw him and when we were able to pull off the road a bit I asked if I could take their picture. You can read about Tim and Rosie at their website, but you have to create a user ID to read the guest book which allows you to see where they are by the comments of those who have sighted them. The latest update by Tim was February and there hasn't been any updates from anyone else since. Tim and Rosie were on their way to Yuma at that point and of course, they use the back roads.

So if you happen to see Tim and Rosie somewhere, post it at Donkey Walk so the rest of us can check in and see that the two of them are still okay. No photos are necessary, but they are always fun.

Happy Trails!

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