Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wednesday was Geocaching

Optimistically, I loaded about ten various geo-caches into the GPSr, but we ended up only finding three due to the rather strenuous climbing we had to do to reach them. Fortunately, the first one was one flat land and we found it easily as otherwise Denny would have quit early on. We had to do a little repair work to the box containing the cache as it was falling apart. We had the nails, but no hammer so Denny used a wrench for pounding in the nail. I should have gotten a picture of that for the cache web page but didn't think of it.

The next cache was somewhere across the paved road off what appeared to be little more than an ATV trail. Well, I have to tell you, a Ford F450 is not an ATV but Denny got her on there. We stopped at a side trail and parked as we had no idea if we'd be able to turn around or how rough the trail would get, which was a good idea as it turned out. So we hiked up the side of the mountain and by the time we were finally within a 130 feet of the cache Denny was threatening once again to throw away the GPSr and never again go out geocaching. Apparently this is going to be mandatory behavior for every geocaching excursion and I have chosen to ignore the outbursts as he does eventually get over it once we've arrived at the cache. The cache did provide a terrific view of the surrounding mountains and desert, but also showed us how very far we had to walk back to get to the truck! One more cache on the way down where I discovered a Van Cliburn playing Chopin cassette and off we hiked back to the truck where we ate our picnic lunch and drove home.

And finally, yesterday afternoon the truck with the white arrow in its name dropped off our laptop computer. Yay!

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Norman said...

The truck with the white arrow? Why, whoever could that be??

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