Saturday, March 04, 2006

Teaching the old dog new tricks

We've been waiting all week for FedEx to deliver our repaired notebook computer so I've been puttering around attempting to teach myself how to record an audio cassette tape on the computer so I can create a CD master copy. Thank goodness for Google and computer/techno geeks who write "how to" articles as I was able to finally figure out how to translate their instructions to work with our cheesy little all-in-one stereo system and computer. This week I have managed to copy a cassette tape from a CD, copy a cassette to the computer and then burn a CD from that, and finally, managed to create a web page from a CD of graphics, logos and seemingly unrelated HTML files. Whew! That was a lot of new information to cram into an aging brain!

FedEx apparently screwed up and the computer never left the shipping hub in Phoenix so it will have to be re-routed to our next campground since we're leaving Earp on Monday. I can deal with that, but I hate the fact that we'll once again have to sit around waiting for FedEx to show up. After all, even us retired folks have things to do! There's a golf course nearby, lots of geocaches, new areas to explore and there used to be a Tai Chi instructor at this particular campground. I think next week will go quickly.

And now it's time to take a break from this darned computer.

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Norman said...


THE ARROWS... THE ARROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!


THE ARROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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