Friday, March 10, 2006

Rain in the desert

While gusting winds were predicted (and came) the surprise was late afternoon showers. Even the sun was surprised as it was still shining when the sprinkles began. The hummingbirds that have been enjoying our feeder all week ignored the rain, probably not being familiar with that watery substance.

It seems I made the right choice to play golf on Thursday since it was very windy on Wednesday and again today. We played at the 10 hole course (which still doesn't beat the 12 hole course we played in Fall City, Washington) here in Salome called Sunset Links. From the blue tees the course is 2443 yards for those ten holes, all par 3s and 4s. The course has not been completed since we last played here in December of 2004 as it seems the town of Salome wants to put in a water treatment plant somewhere in the vicinity and until they decide where all the lines and drains will run the owners of the golf course refuse to finish the course. It's still a nice course to play as the course is well maintained and irrigated so the fairways in nice shape. And for entertainment there's the private airstrip near the course where there's a small-ish housing development of folks who live in large combination storage shed/hangers out in the middle of nowhere. The owners of these planes have a penchant for low flights with lots of twists and turns, fortunately not over the golf course.

More stiff winds are predicted for tomorrow so we'll stay inside and do maintenance. Or play silly computer games.

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Norman said...

We had 50mph wind gusts here as well.


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