Friday, May 26, 2006

The Delayed Lazy Sunday pix

Denny had to run back over to the horse stables where we're storing our fifth wheel to dig out my smart card reader. We are going to have to make a gazillion trips to carry back all the stuff we're dragging over to my mom's house. Who knew that we managed to pack so much "stuff" into 400 square feet of living space?

But now I can upload pictures once again, so here's a couple of animal pictures to make up for missing last Sunday's Lazy Sunday Photos. They are much more interesting than my sad tale of woe over my asphalt tumble. Heh.

While we missed the spring flowers here in Ohio, we were in time for the adorable foals residing at Westin Stables in Beavercreek, OH. Who can resist a baby? We are grateful to Tonya for allowing us to store our rig on the grounds of her beautiful stables while I undergo surgery and recuperate. I get to watch the horses while Denny plays step-and-fetch it at the rig. Not a bad deal.

On another note, we've gone through our first Ohio tornado watch with nary a scratch. There will be many, many more before we leave here, believe me. The good news is that my mother's house has a basement. The bad news is that it's really hard to get downstairs quickly on crutches. Sigh. I'm crossing my fingers for a mild tornado season here in the Tornado Alley.

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