Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We're Gone!

Denny had had it with isolation, fecund vegetation and bugs. The area surrounding the Econfina State Park has these nasty triangular-shaped, camouflage colored flies that want to walk on your eyeballs and bite like a son-of-a-gun. We had tried a walk to the Econfina River to watch for manatees but were hounded by those pesky flies walking in both directions. We gave up walking while we were there. Since the nearest town was a 40 mile round trip we didn't drive to down as the price of diesel is too high and we're now paying for campgrounds in our travels. We are so spoiled out West traveling from member campground to member campground where we pay no campsite fees.

The upshot is we left the free campground early as we were marooned in our rig due to heat, humidity, bugs and isolation. So we left two days early. We are splitting the long drive to a day Okeechobee into two segments and we'll be surprising both our friends by arriving early although Tim has no idea we're coming at all and Penny thinks we're arriving on Thursday. What fun to just show up on their doorstep!

Patches continues to travel well, sleeping most of the way. Loud, large trucks do startle her but she settles down quickly. I think we done good. Safe travels all.

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