Monday, May 08, 2006

What I Did This Weekend

It was sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, sunny....Thus it was a good weekend for the painstaking labor needed to create this: CRYSTAL CACHET

That occupied my mind so that I wouldn't worry about what might be wrong with the truck's transmission. This morning we made the long trip into town to discover it was problem solved with a $1.10 hose clamp (and $50+ in labor,etc.) but at least it wasn't major and theoretically it's fixed. Which is a good thing as the next leg of our journey is 330 miles, mostly on I-75 which is not a good place to break down. At least most of the snowbirds should be long gone so perhaps traffic won't be as horrible as it can be in January, February and March in Florida. Listen to me talk about snowbirds, right?

Time to entertain Patches for a while. We're learning that kittens are high maintenance. Sigh.

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