Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flora-Bama's annual do

Driving south along Rt.59 to do some shopping we saw signs for Flora-Bama's annual mullet toss festival. Held the last full weekend in April, the Flora-Bama bar hosts a large weekend-long party with lots of food and drink, live music, beach activities and of course, the mullet toss.

The mullet toss involves standing in a circular area ten feet in diameter on the Alabama side of the beach and tossing a mullet (dead) across the state line into Florida. They have set up age bracket divisions with prizes and you pay a $15 fee to toss a mullet, part of which goes to support local youth organizations. When the competitions are over for the weekend, the fish are fed to the birds.

If you've ever been to lakes or bays where you see fish about a foot long launching themselves out of the water, that's a mullet. Not to be confused with the infamous hairstyle, of course.

Should you decide to come down for the festivities, be advised parking is limited so be prepared to park offsite and take advantage of the local bus or shuttle services to get to the Flora-Bama. And if the crowds get to be too much, there are miles of beautiful beach for you to walk and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Roll Tide Roll !!

A good Mullet should be tossed. I got rid of mine in 1991.

Lawnwhisperers' Brother

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