Monday, May 01, 2006

The Search is Over

Saturday we made a 60 miles round trip to Fairhope, Alabama to "The Haven" a no-kill animal shelter based on their website which said they had lots of kittens. Unfortunately, the web site was outdated and they only had 4 adorable kittens that were only 3 1/2 weeks old so we drove back empty handed.

Knowing we had to drive down to Robertsdale to the post office to pick up the mail, I called the Baldwin County Animal Control center to see if they had kittens. The answer was not only yes, but they were of an age to be adopted! Things were looking up! We ran our few errands and stopped by the shelter to find a choice of 5 kittens (although an adult yellow male tabby tried desperately to get me to take him home!) in a mixture of long-hair, short hair, gray tabby and gray and white mixed colors. They were all busy eating so it was hard to discern any personality until the future Patches reached out to play with Denny's finger. Okay, she picked us.

So the great kitten search is over. Patches has fully explored the 400 interior square feet of the rig, checked out her new litter box and food dish and is now sleeping off the strangeness of the morning. We now have to get used to watching where we place our big feet, be careful opening and closing cupboard doors and in general get used to another presence in the rig. I promise to try not to go overboard with the pictures for a few days, but here are some introductory snaps. Because I couldn't resist it.

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